IOP for Individuals

Bringing institutional-level investment management strategies and techniques to individual portfolios.

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IOP for Advisors

A real solution for delivering performance and reduced risk for your clients is now here!

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IOP for Institutions

A program designed to help institutions improve how they protect and manage assets.

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A Revolutionary Way of Investing

Watch this video to see why the Integrated Options Portfolio (the “IOP) will change the way you invest. Contrary to popular belief, you do not have to assume more risk in order to enjoy the upside potential of the market.

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The Integrated Options Portfolio benefits Individuals, Advisors and Institutions.


  • We believe that the Integrated Options Portfolio may be the best advancement in the investment management world since the advent of the mutual fund.–Kirk Stafford, President & CEO DRCM

  • If you could experience potentially better growth while reducing your risks, would you want to know how?

  • "It's not just what you own, it's how you own it"–Kirk Stafford, President & CEO DRCM