Kirk Stafford
President & CEO


Kirk Alan Stafford is the founder and portfolio manager for Desert Rose Capital Management, Inc.  He has had a passion for economics, most types of investments, business and personal finances for over 25 years.

His early grasp of business and finances allowed him to start The Stafford Corporation, a successful business that, combined with successful real estate and securities investments, allowed him to retire at age 32.

Kirk’s passion for exchange traded options began in 1997 when he encountered conservative techniques for their use.  He became intrigued with their uses and began actively using them in his personal accounts and the accounts of family members.  Kirk is a voracious reader and has spent thousands of hours specializing in the understanding and uses of options, currencies and futures markets.

After feeling that he was not mentally ready to retire, Kirk decided to combine his talents and knowledge in the areas of finance and investing to help serve the needs of others.  He went to work for a major national investment advisory firm as a financial adviser.  While there, his knowledge in the areas of insurance, risk management and estate planning was strengthened. During that time, he began developing what we refer to as an ‘Integrated Options Portfolio’ which, at its heart, consists of substituting the direct ownership of shares of stock and fixed income investments with a combination of exchange traded options and more conservative assets. This combination is designed to reduce risk, increase performance and provide greater potential growth.

The importance and significance of the ‘Integrated Options Portfolio’ compelled Kirk to allow his strategy and methods to be accessible to a greater number of people.  With this purpose in mind, Desert Rose Capital Management, Inc. was founded in July, 2010 to give access to this knowledge and service to other advisers and their clients.


John Lewis, CPA
Director of Marketing


John Lewis is an entrepreneurial CPA with a passion for start-up ventures. As the founder, President, and CEO of My Custom Video, Inc., John has created hundreds of videos and developed dozens of online and offline marketing strategies that have generated millions of dollars in revenues for financial advisors, insurance agents, marketing organizations, broker-dealers and large agencies.

As John has developed sales, marketing, training and recruiting strategies, materials, and platforms for several unique financial strategies—he is routinely approached about helping develop new and inventive financial strategies. Once he saw the power of the Integrated Options Portfolio, he instantly knew he wanted to be involved.

Previously, John has worked as a Controller, CFO, COO, and President for various companies where he implemented and automated complete ERP systems, CRM systems, Marketing Automation systems and even custom-developed over a dozen different programs in order to streamline operations and increase efficiency.

John attended Brigham Young University where he graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting prior to working for Ernst & Young—where he became a licensed Certified Public Accountant. He has handled day-to-day operations and been directly responsible for the P&L for companies ranging from start-ups to over $50 million in annual revenues.


Tom Gay
Advisory Board Member


Thomas Gay is a life-long business owner and entrepreneur. His companies have been IT pioneers bringing new solutions to complex business problems. In the 80′s he founded National Decision Systems (NDS), the pioneer in advanced site selection and target marketing tools for major consumer goods companies. Tom’s firm was twice honored with the coveted INC 500 Award and he sold it in 1988 to Equifax(NYSE) of Atlanta, Ga. Today, NDS’ tools are still the industry standard and the company is now owned by A.C. Nielsen.

In 1990, Tom started VistaInfo (VINF-NASDAQ) to deliver real time, geo-targeted property risk info to banks, insurers, realtors and home buyers across the USA. After going public in 1997, Tom was honored in an Individual Investor Magazine cover story (May 1999) where he was called one of the “5 Best Undiscovered CEO’s” in the USA. VistaInfo was named a “Magic 25” company in 1999 and was acquired in 2000 with sales of $80mm to create what is now known as Fidelity National Information Solutions (FNIS-NYSE).

In 2001, Tom and his wife, Patti, went to South Africa where they started a non-profit ministry organization, Monte Christo Ministries (MCM). Today, MCM feeds thousands of people daily and brings together organizations, churches and universities, world-wide, to relieve the burdens of poverty, apartheid and HIV/AIDS in the Cape Town Area. Unique to MCM is the use of marketplace strategies to build self-sustainable programs and for creating “for profit” projects inside of the ministry’s non-profit structure. These generate funding, create jobs and add long term viability for MCM’s community upliftment programs.

Returning to the USA and Idaho in 2009, Tom founded a nationwide relationship training company, Turnkey Strategic Relations ( and started a CEO consulting firm, The Alternative Board ( He also took on the role of CEO of Boise based Omega Tech Labs, which manufactures consumer products for the home and personal care industry.

In 2011, Tom started his newest venture, an exciting web 2.0 technology firm called This company is built on his lifelong success in using and teaching systematic relationship selling and referral marketing practices across the world. delivers a proven toolkit aimed at businesses, community, non-profit and service organizations and sales people in all walks of life. It provides a suite of “cloud based” referral-generating training videos and web-mobile application tools.

The system has been called a “referral generating machine” and brings more meaning to popular social media and CRM systems. teaches and focuses people on the keys to building trust-based referring relationships and then provides easy to use task management and results tracking tools and many other convenience features to ensure the success of the user in building a thriving referral rich business.

Tom serves on numerous corporate and community boards and is a frequently sought speaker on the topics of socially responsible business, relationship marketing and leadership development.