Superior Investment Management for Advisors Best Clients

Desert Rose Capital Management provides customized investment management for financial advisors and their best clients.  We help your clients make more money while greatly reducing the risks associated with the market fluctuations of the stocks and bonds in their portfolio.  We do this through our knowledge of the markets, our expertise in advanced hedging methods and proven asset allocation principles.

Everyone knows that what you own in your portfolio, and when you own it, determines both how much money you will make and how vulnerable the portfolio is to losses.  At Desert Rose, we’ve shown that more money can be made with far less risk and more flexibility when you focus on how you choose to own your investments.

We carefully determine which stocks and stock funds should be in our client’s accounts, but we do not normally purchase the shares of these companies or index funds directly.  Instead, we purchase long term registered stock options on the same shares at a fraction of the cost.  We then use the remaining money to purchase lower risk, fixed income assets.  This combination is a proprietary process that we call an Integrated Options Portfolio (IOP).  When properly structured, this combination provides more money, less risk and more flexibility.  The IOP provides many other advantages, which will be explained in the IOP section.