AUM (Assets Under Management)

Advisors and their clients have a vested interest in helping their portfolios grow in value.  It is the main reason why we invest in the first place.  When the risks associated with stock ownership are minimized and the potential growth does not suffer or is increased through the Integrated Options Portfolio structure, accounts grow faster in good years and shrink less in bad years.  This, of course, creates more AUM.  Even more than that, being able to offer a service that provides such an advantage over generic, direct share ownership money managers creates a distinctive advantage for both obtaining new clients and retaining existing clients.

As mentioned  earlier, new and existing clients are more apt to invest more money when the risks are not as daunting.  Obviously, we still need to make sure that the clients are only investing money when appropriate, but the paralyzing effect that has taken over so many can be more easily neutrilized with an IOP.

The current economic climate and market turmoil have made the need for good money management and good financial planning more important than ever.  We believe that volatile markets will continue for an extended period of time.  The benefits of Desert Rose and an IOP structure are more pronounced in volatile markets, so we encourage you to understand our services more fully.