Giving Advisors & Their Clients Peace of Mind


Worrying about a clients portfolio is no fun for anyone.  The use of an IOP as the main hedging tool helps to lower risk and increase diversification.  Because of the lower risk, many clients have been able to enter market sectors that may have otherwise been inappropriate.  Also due to a lower risk exposure with the IOP structure, many of our clients have been able to suitably invest more money that would not have been in stock funds otherwise.  This gives them a greater hedge against inflation, a devalued dollar and more potential growth, while maintaining a low risk overall.   Not having to be so concerned about the vulnerability of a portfolio helps both client and advisor to have more peace of mind and make less emotional decisions.

It brings us great satisfaction during these turbulent times to see the growth in our clients’ accounts.  It brings us even more when we see the peace of mind that they now have because of the Integrated Options Portfolios that have been built and managed by Desert Rose Capital Management.